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Smooch dating

I finished my contract and returned to the Philippines where we both met face to face for the first time and there were sparks!We are now excited to welcome our 1st baby next month!all the men seen to live in the south There are very few men who live nearby.I also think that the site should be free for women then you would get more men signing up.Be patient; there are genuine people on there, you've just got to find them!I'm sure the site may have changed over the years, but it certainly worked for us!I liked the old site was much more easier to navigate and if you didnt want to upgrade then you dont have to.sometimes through ilness or just being too busy you would still have the messages so you can still keep in contact but now messages get deleted everything which was free on the old smooch is now payable this is why more of you customers are going using different methods of comunication like skype / facebook / msn so really you are losing business to other servers because your met quite a few men where we live too far apart but after your upgrade i have lost them all so i dont feel the same about your companyif i was you id go back to the old smooch your just getting too greedy you have enough advertises so bring the old smooch back or make females free !!! I found my friends partner on Smooch and when I contacted Smooch they didn't care that I was upset and he was in a relationship.Apparently he was on Smooch before he met my friend and he isn't even VIP but they couldn't give a damn about his partner.

We were both far each other when we first started chatting, he was in England and I was working in Saudi Riyadh at that time.and the constant bugging, bestowed, on you, to join up for membership.These dating sites should monitor, carefully, the objects,who sign up.I' VE BEEN ON SMOOCH ABOUT 9 MONTHS, AND FIND IT A GOOD SITE.I' VE MADE LOTS OF REALLY GOOD FRIENDS, THERE IS A SMALL MINORITY WHO TRY TO ANNOY YOU, AS IN MANY OTHER SITES, BUT YOU JUST GO ROUND THEM, AND CHAT TO THE REAL SMOOCHER' S, WHO I' VE BEEN FRIENDLY AND GOOD FUN.

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