Secret casual Stuttgart

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Secret casual Stuttgart

Louis, Missouri Place on last poll: N/A Why it's hot: Panera has established itself as a leader in the movement toward all-natural food, promising to remove artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and flavors from its food by the end of 2016.The fast-casual chain is also investing in tech, with in-store kiosks and an increasing number of digital orders.Unfortunately for the company, in its most recent quarter, it struggled with a drop in tourist traffic and discounting.Headquarters: Palo Alto, California Place on last poll: 36 Why it's hot: Young consumers love Hewlett-Packard's relatively inexpensive laptops.

The new all-day breakfast menu helped grow sales at Mc Donald's, helping pull the chain out of a two-year sales slump.Now, the chain is trying to convince customers that it serves quality, nutritious food, with adjustments like new 100% white meat Chicken Mc Nuggets and making Mc Muffins with butter instead of margarine.Headquarters: New York, New York Place on last poll: N/A Why it's hot: Kate Spade is known for its quirky branding.Converse recently took on Nike to help reinvent its iconic All Star shoes Headquarters: Essen, Germany Place on last poll: N/A Why it's hot: Aldi has been zeroing in on organic groceries, which could make it a threat to Whole Foods.It's also cheap — in fact, it's cheaper than Dollar General.

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"They've managed to connect with a younger audience through different verticals — such as social media and art shows — while also connecting with the slightly older audience.