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Saveorupdate not updating

If you re-read the entity in that new context, you simulate desktop processing.

But if you don't want to do the extra read operation, you have to use the entity object created by the model binder.

NET MVC model binder to the Students entity set and then saves the changes to the database. NET MVC functionality that makes it easier for you to work with data submitted by a form; a model binder converts posted form values to CLR types and passes them to the action method in parameters.

The recommended Http Post edit code ensures that only changed columns get updated and preserves data in properties that you don't want included for model binding.

However, the read-first approach requires an extra database read, and can result in more complex code for handling concurrency conflicts.

Concurrency conflicts are ignored, and only the table columns that were updated by the user are updated in the database.

(A later tutorial shows how to handle concurrency conflicts.) As a best practice to prevent overposting, the fields that you want to be updateable by the Edit page are whitelisted in the parameters.

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In this case, the model binder instantiates a Student entity for you using property values from the Form collection.) You removed exceptions are sometimes caused by something external to the application rather than a programming error, so the user is advised to try again.