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Posted by / 05-Oct-2017 21:31

Backdating housing benefit

The rules about when we can pay a backdate are different for people who are working age and people who have reached pension age.

If you (or your partner if you have one) have reached pension age, you don’t have to ask us to backdate your claim – we will automatically check if we can when we receive your form.

If you live in the borough and you are on a low income, you may qualify for Housing Benefit or a Council Tax Reduction (CTR), or you may qualify for both.

Use our online benefits calculator and claim form to see how much Housing benefit or CTR you could get and then make a claim.

Make your claim and provide the evidence later, but within one month.

You can now only claim for a maximum of one month backdated payments and you will also need to prove your claim.

Restrictions on backdated Housing Benefit and Universal Credit claims Previously you could request backdated Housing Benefit for up to six months before you made or changed a claim, provided you could prove you needed it.

From 1st April we may be able to backdate your Housing Benefit for up to 1 month, but you MUST have a good reason for not having claimed sooner.

Sometimes Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support customers think we should pay their benefit from a date before we receive their claim. Backdating is sometimes possible but only in limited circumstances.

You can either: You do not have to use the calculator to make an online claim, but if you do, the information you have already entered into the calculator will automatically be saved into your online claim.

Remember that your claim will usually start from the Monday after we receive it, so if you think you may be entitled, submit your claim as soon as you can.

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