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Question: Why would anyone expect that banishing a “depressed” or “suicidal” person from our midst would do anything other than make them more depressed? What is happening here is institutionalized sanism.Moreover, what is happening is nothing less than an extension of psychiatric rule into the operation of the university.One has to wonder why this does not occur to administrators?One also has to ask how failures generated in part by the university itself have been miraculously transformed into a “health” (or to be more precise, “mental health”) issue besetting the student?It is quite another to throw them out on the grounds of being mentally ill. The university has an obligation to accommodate and provide service to students experiencing difficulty.The situation which the policy in essence sets up is minimal accommodation happening, with the university thereby saving money—for if you kick out students whom you regard as high maintenance, you save a great deal of money on services.Examples of UK universities that have adopted “unfit to study” policies are Oxford, Bradford, Bristol, Brunel, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Reading, and Queen’s University Belfast (see a list of such policies here). And as people concerned about human rights, decency, and social justice, what should we be doing about them?

As these expulsions are defined as temporary, they appear benign to the administrators.

The point here, as has been repeatedly demonstrated, is that the so-called “mentally ill” are no more violent than anyone else.

Correspondingly, we are seeing ableism and a human rights violation; moreover, a violation of other civil rights, including the right to an education.

It took the ground out from under me; and I doubt that I will ever get back my life. Burstow, how can they just do things like this to people?

I have nowhere to go.” (private correspondence, October 30, 2017) I was declared “unfit to study” by my college over a year ago.

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